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Don't gamble with your health--especially if you have a family to look after. Submitted By Deepak
Today’s stressful life has made the human beings a machine. A very old saying “early to bed early to rise” is now reversed as “late to bed and late to rise”. Working extended hours and heavy work pressure, eating unhealthy and junk food has made 80 % population mentally and physically sick.
When it comes to treating potentially serious conditions, early diagnosis is key. Generally, the earlier you begin treatment for a condition, the greater your chance for a full recovery.
Even if you're in the best shape of your life, a serious condition with no signs or symptoms may be lurking inside your body. X-rays, blood tests and other routine screenings are among the only ways to detect the early warning signs. If a specific condition runs in your family, like diabetes, high blood pressure etc, it's even more important that you get screened early and often to keep healthy.
Advances in routine screening procedures have made testing incredibly accurate. For example, a new type of MRI can diagnose heart disease up to 10 years before the patient is at risk for a heart attack. Medical professionals are also better educated about what to look for during routine preventive screening procedures and preventive health checks.
Preventive screening remains controversial and confusing to the health care consumers. While the advantage of preventive screening for diseases is hard to counter, there are arguments that screening does not always lead to better health. We can leave these arguments aside for the moment because it is a fact that preventive health check-ups help catch maladies early. For anyone who is above 35 years of age, it is always better to check the health status even if one is in normal health.

In today's age, the changing lifestyle, stress and pollution levels can lead to health issues for which early checks are necessary before the problem gets compounded. Diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels can begin early in life which, if not detected and intervened in time, can have more serious repercussions later. Many ailments begin without fair warning signals, but if detected early, we can take up corrective actions. These actions can be dietary changes or simply an adjustment in lifestyle without the need for medical intervention.
Now a day’s a new trend has emerged. We want everything at door step whether it is Pizza or grocery or health check-ups. Getting health check up at home is best concept where you can get preventive health screening at ease of home. Health service providers are now providing comprehensive health check-up, whole body health checkups, and many more customized health check-up packages.
Corporate are more focused on preventive health and conduct regular Annual health check-ups & pre-employment health check-ups for their employees. Occupational health is a hot topic these days and every company understands its importance as sickness leads to loss of money and manpower days. Getting regular health screening check of their employees and providing health insurance indirectly increases the productivity & profitability of the companies.
Smart employers recognize their biggest asset is their workforce. A comprehensive wellness program continues with programming that engages employees in healthy behavior resulting in lasting lifestyle changes, and a return on investment for the employer. Onsite health check-ups, health talks, flu shots and immunizations, health coaching and fairs, ergonomics and stress management sessions are the different ways to promote corporate wellness and to keep corporate employees fit and aware about different health hazards.
Now the trend has come that you and I can gift a doorstep health check-up to a friend or family member with the help of or you can buy Family Health Edge Card from Bonaventure India Pvt Ltd to get discounted healthcare services at network hospitals pan India.

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